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Communication and development of support programs also requires a significant amount of time.

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Help Locally

Draw back the curtain of secrecy.

There are many rolls for volunteers... both anonymous and visible.

As a witness you may mitigate intimidation. 

Enabling access to living essentials such as work, medical appointments or groceries. 

Bring questionnaires or web access to the disenfranchised.
Assist with social media and victim statements.                                                 

      Witness, Record & Share      

      Simple Case Re-enactments

      Distribute our Questionnaires

   Provide Web Access to the Needful



Think Globally

Offer your expertise to rescue the disenfranchised.

         Language Support

         Legal Support




Contribute Work

                     Newspaper 64

If you work in journalism, research or activism and are passionate about those sectors, your informative contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Creative content is also welcome in the form of written pieces, art work, graphics and of course photos & videos. 

Reach out to readers every month. Get yourself heard by the community.
To inquire or make submissions use the contact method of your choice with a brief author bio and your photograph.




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