Surveys, Discussions and Case Studies of Police, Security & Community Covert
Harassment, Interference & Suppression

Police and Transit Security view the daily journeys of millions of citizens passing through a system of porous security zones. Surveillance and plain clothed security services at these times will make superficial assessments regarding your health and suitability.

Transit Report conducts independent research, surveys and reports in support of transparency in order to cultivate balanced dialogue and advance typologies of social repression.


The essential definitions to understand the past century and the road ahead.


Conducted by police forces, private security agencies and recruited community members of all ages.

Covert surveillance utilizing psychological, physical and economic harm tactics just like a cold war.
The Function of a provocateur is plausible deniability for governments, municipalities and businesses from charges of assault, interference and scamming.

Obtaining and disseminating information by manipulating and/or deceiving individuals.

A Scene or elaborate scenario such as a traffic accident.



Tactics to suppress, disenfranchise and maim citizens

Agent Provocateur enticing another to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate or to lose self control. 

A Tactic used to gain a response or defensive reaction out of fear or social convention. 

Threatening by demeanour, proximity or words of unwanted physical contact or attempt.

Intentionally damaging someone's business, employment or education causing economic harm.

Wrongful, reckless or wanton actions likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm to another person.





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