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"Inauthentic behaviour is an understatement."
Cutting off lines of communication is the old way. Supplanting them is the new way.
Help make authentic connections.



Evidence of planned jeopardy is ample.  Basic record and report observation can go a long way to mitigate confrontation and escalation.



The blockading of fundamental human needs* must be recognised. (Vocation, Health and Relationships)*maslow
Fact-check the fraud.


Open Lexicon

Developing an accessible guide to advance public understanding and awareness.
Historically, pictographs have always been useful along with modern info-graphics.



Examining your documents and permanent records for unprofessional and biased inaccuracies is essential. 
Is bureaucracy your speciality?



The scope of activities to investigate and defend is broad. Issues of rights abuse and brutality are as prevalent today as ever. With social and technological advancements come new opportunities for transparency.

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